Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedBiceps, traps, upper back


This movement allows you to sculpt the top of your body : shoulders, traps, back, it is ithe deal for a combined exercise.

Control is the key to success in this exercise. Be specific and you will be effective.

Read this list of instructions carefully for the upright row with dumbbell

  • 1. Have a dumbbell in each hand and put yourself in the starting position : feet to the width of the pelvis, knees slightly bent, abdominals contracted.
  • 2. Take the dumbbell in neutral grip (palm inward) and leave your arms at your sides.
  • 3. When you raise your elbows, raise the dumbbells as high as possible according to how you feel towards the chin.
  • 4. Slowly descend to the starting position, keeping the same axis and dumbbells close to the body.

Check out our tips, advice and techniques for upright row with dumbbell

  • 1. Do not pull with your back, do not lean back.
  • 2. Do not break your wrists : do not turn them forward during exercise
  • 3. Do not let the weight of the dumbbells hang down and pull on your joints, always control the movement and keep some bending at the elbow during the descent.
  • 4. Only mount elbows and leave flexibility in your shoulders. Never go over your head with your elbows.
  • 5. Do not continue your series if there is pain in your shoulder. favor an identical movement with dumbbell or unilateral (see variants).
  • 6. Do not try to climb too high to avoid injury.

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