Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedUpper back


Here is a new exercise with rotation, it allows to work several deltoids at the same time, including the anterior deltoid and medial deltoid. For the rear delt with rotation, you will also use the upper back.

The cable gives you a better mobility on your movement and flexibility for the articulation of the elbow.

Remember to adapt your diet plan to optimize your workouts.

Follow these operating instructions for the Rear delt with cable into rotation & pulling

  • 1. Arrange a double tie rope on a machine for pulling back. And grip each part in pronation.
  • 2. While pulling the handles, sit in the seat with your back flat.
  • 3. Place your elbows at shoulder height in front of you.
  • 4. Slowly pull the handles backwards upwards.
  • 5. At the same pace, return to the starting position and continue your series.

Here are some tips, tips and techniques for the Rear delt with cable into rotation & pulling

  • 1. Throughout the movement, it is important to leave the elbow at shoulder height (not higher) to avoid conflict with the acromion (shoulder bone).
  • 2. Pull only with your arms and especially not your back.
  • 3. Your feet are well on the ground.
  • 4. When pulling, stop when the fist and elbow are in line with the shoulder. That is once under the angle of 90 ° between the shoulder and the wrist.

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