Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedTriceps, Shoulders


The main exercise to develop your chest. A popular grassroots movement indispensable and practiced by all.

This compound and polyarticular exercise mainly works the chest muscles : the small and the large pectoralis. As well as secondary muscles such as the anterior deltoid located internally of the shoulder and triceps. It will also strenghten the muscles of your bust.

Flat bench press instructions to retain

  • 1. Lie down and place your head flat on the bench with the bar at eye level.
  • 2. Place the hands in pronation on the bar, with a spacing slightly higher than the height of the shoulders.
  • 3. Plate your back on the bench or keep a natural curvature. Put your legs on the floor or  on the bench sides if your back is bent. 
  • 4. Inhale deeply and gently lower the bar in the certer of your chest.
  • 5. Raise the bar in the starting position by focusing your attention on your chest.
  • 6. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Flat bench press : the techniques, tips and advices to go further

  • 1. Respect elbow-shoulders alignment throughout the execution. Think to have a assistant if you are a beginner or for heavy loads.
  • 2. The elbows are aligned with the shoulders and the wrists are neutral.
  • 3. The tumb is around the bar for security.
  • 4. Stabilize your pelvis by contracting the glutes and maintaining pressure on the ground (or on the edges of the bench) with the feet.
  • 5. Tighten your pecs and imagine getting your wrists closer to each other
  • 6. Think to stay sheathed and contract the abs for more stability.

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