Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedAbs


On this exercise you will be safe with your back lying on the bench. It's important on the bicep exercises to never use your back. We see many practitioners swinging to help finish a series.

Take more time, lighten your weight, decrease the number of repetitions or postpone this progression to another session. It is better to protect your back than to hurt yourself.

Here is a new biceps isolation exercise to include in your arm and upper body sessions.

Remember to optimize your diet plan to optimize your progress.

Here are the instructions to follow for the hammer biceps curl on lat pull down

  • 1. Arrange a rope in the down position on a pulley machine and set the load. Place a bench facing the machine.
  • 2. Hold the rope in neutral (palms facing each other) and sit with your back and head lying on the bench. The feet are on the ground. Your arms are bent in front of you and the arms are stretched out and under tension.
  • 3. Pull the rope with both ends as close to your head as possible.
  • 4. Release the muscle tension to return to the starting position.
  • 5. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Thanks to our tips, advice and techniques, improve on the hammer biceps curl on lat pulldown

  • 1. Keep the back in contact with the bench or keep your natural curvature if it is not.
  • 2. Ideally, do not move your shoulders and move forward and back only forearms.
  • 3. Voluntarily contract your abs to avoid being swept away by the weight.
  • 4. Adjust the loads and make sure to increase the weights gradually.
  • 5. Open your elbows to help you move without lowering them.

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