Target, Improve, Together

Billed monthly 9.99CHF/EUR.

Your weak points are taken into account!

6 weeks program

Do you have any doubts about the planning of your workouts?

Thanks to our 6-week program, you will be able to train in a structured way. Your training schedule will be adapted to your lifestyle, your daily energy level, your sleep, your experience, your weakest muscles or your number of training sessions during the week.

Your 100% flexible eating plan!

Your 100% flexible eating plan!

Do you need help balancing your meals?

We create an individual diet plan tailored to your morphology. You will be able to change any food in your plan. Our plan will keep up and automatically update macronutrient levels.

Thanks to this plan, you will not have any more excuses to put the wrong amount of food on your plate.

Online sports training & workouts

Follow our exclusive workout plans!

Numerous workout plans are available to help you exercise at home or at the gym.

There is a training routine for every level. In addition, you will also have access to the training instructions in order to go through the routine at your own pace.

An approach different from men's

Ladies' corner: training and exercises dedicated to women

Ladies. In addition to the leg and buttocks sessions that we offer you, in this section you will discover the right training approach for your body.

Exercises dedicated to each muscle in the body

Discover more than 200 exercise videos with perfect execution recommendations. You will also have access to several possible variations as well as descriptive texts detailing each step of the exercise to ensure that your movements are flawless.

Specific physical exercises & sports warm-ups

This section will bring together different types of more generalist videos such as warm-ups, stretching, joint unblocking, nutrition and supplements or anything to do with cardio.



No obligation, cancel at any time from your personal space.


Discover unique sessions, a personalized 6-week program and a flexible diet calculator.

  • Personalized food plan
  • Diet calculator under the supervision of a nutritionist
  • 6 weeks fully personalized program
  • Many hours of training with audio
  • Save favorite videos
  • Special space for women

Available on mobile

Featness in your pocket

View your workouts, learn how to do your moves in the best possible way with our workout videos and check your meals wherever you are with our iOS and Android apps.


Knee sprain: how to resume sport smoothly after such a disabling injury?

Focus on the types of sports activities recommended after a knee injury

Senior training program: which sports for over 60s?

Focus on beneficial sports training for athletes over 60

Home workout: 7 tips to transform your living room into a gym

Several tips for creating your own gym and working out in your living room with Featness

Focus on high intensity training (HIIT)

Benefits of this type of workout, examples of exercises for your high intensity training and tips for doing them well.

Featness is a service that can be used in the gym or at home, including the training sessions necessary for muscle development, physical maintenance, warm-up and muscle release.

You will learn how to train in a structured way, in harmony with your morphology while guaranteeing a very satisfying result.

Gym Geneva also offers a fully customizable nutritional program. All quantities are calculated according to your morphology and your daily physical activity.

No one is sidelined, any type of diet is taken into account thanks to the personalization from a list of more than 15,000 foods.